Week 10


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  1. 10
  2. all
  3. 8
  4. Nyan cat of doom got the most comments I think because it is creative and unlike anything else.
  5. Ship wrecked because I got to write it with one of my good friends Kameron.
  6. no, I did change the color tho because purple is my favorite color and it was yellow.
  7. 3, the perfect amount.
  8. 0
  9. 3-5
  10. I changed from fall to spring by becoming a stronger writer.


  1. Very cool and animated, and also also color full and organized.
  2. The colors, I love the colors.
  3. The widgets.
  4. Nothing I like it the way it is.

Big Checklist

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Turtles are green,

Turtles are free

Turtles do, whatever they do

They fly when they want,

They don’t die

and they are always with you whenever you want

They are always watching

from afar

but always where you think they are

And I am turtle

you know it’s true

I am a turtle how ’bout you

BTW I am always watching you

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You make me see things that are not there

You make me here people that are dead

Imagination why do you do this

Are you sick

Are you messed up

Oh wait I am

You tell me that people are not real

Yet I played with them as a child

They can fly yet I can’t

But I’m real and they are not

Or are they… Hey Steve

Lets Travel Around The World


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*for all these places I would also bring bathroom utensils and $100*

If I could travel around the world and only go to one country in each continent, I would first go to new york city, because I have heard so many good things about it, and don’t even get me started on the food there. I would pack a charger for my phone because I would be taking a lot of photos, all the cloths I would need for how long I was staying there and also pepper spray or a knife for protection.

The next place I would go is going to have to be Hollywood, I’ve just always wanted to go there since I was a little kid and hope to live there some day. I would pack warm clothes and again a charger for my  phone- So many pictures, and fill the rest of my suitcase with water… and drink it and take showers with that water because California right now has no water they are in a drought right now.

Florida would be the next place I visit just so I can go to Disney WORLD, and do all the fun stuff they have up there.I would pack warm clothes, and also bring charger Again, for pictures for the once is a life time moments. I would go swimming up there too.

Finally I would go to France just to see some of the most beautiful things  you will ever see, and once again don’t get me started on the food they have there. I would pack a charger for my phone, normal cloths, and a really big hat for no reason at all. Just to make people ask why i’m wearing a giant hat.

My favorite Animal of all time is a…


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My favorite animal of all time would have to be A UNICORN. They are totally real animals, that are majestic, magical, cheerful, and beautiful. I have them for everything too, my profile picture, my names of other accounts of other social media websites and more.  They also have a amazing horn on top of there head, witch has man uses. You could use the horn as a shish kabob, a cannon to propel rainbows, and many more.

Unicorns have lots of hidden talents, they can shoot rainbows out of anywhere, and lot’s- and lot’s of more talents. Unicorns are my favorite animal because they are different yet, similar to lot’s of animals, or example horses, narwhals, and so on. If you want to learn more about unicorns hers the Unicorn Wikipedia. It has history and if you say its not real… well… your wrong, sadly i’m wrong. One more reason I like unicorns is because it has a bunch of colors yet they go together. It reminds me of myself, because I like to match and where different colors all the time.

Unicorns are the manleyness things in the world by the way. They also relatives of them that are pegasuses. Pegasuses are flying unicorns, They are really manley but not as manely as a unicorn. Pegasus and Unicorns both beleave in the rainbow spirit. The rainbow spirit is a rainbow that spins in circles… and that about it… but unicorns and Pegasuses are simple creatures and do not need a giant book to tell them how to live there life.


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Week 7 let’s Play a game

1.) I visited Jazzy‘s blog it was very interesting and inspirational. I read her post The first glimpse of light. Its a very good poem and I recommend reading it.

2.) I visited Jayna‘s blog it was very good and a good made up story that could come true some day. The post is called Who turned out the lights. It is a great story I recommend reading it, it lets you see the relationship between her and her brother.

3.) I visited Erica‘s blog, let me just say bring a marshmallow because it is FULL OF FIRE! I read  What would you do on a deserted island?, It was a different kind of post, but a good kind of different. You get to choice what you and your family would do. I recommend reading.

Ship Wrecked

Ship Wrecked

We all seem like ship afloat

just drifting through open waters

Yet the waves of society seem to push us places we shouldn’t be

Waves full of hatred, love, and despair

Rumors and truths

and worst of all, lies

Yet after while some people hit land

they are able to get their feet on the ground

while some sink into the depths of drugs, guns, and prison

it’s up to us to decide if we hit land or if we sink to the bottom

it’s up to you to decide your future

week 5 – Food, Sports, and Family

Today I will be talking about a thing that is delicious, mouth watering, and has the power to kill and keep us alive… that thing is food. Its healthy, but somehow bad for you. Its deadly but some how keeps you alive. It can make you fat, but also keep you skinny. Its just flat out magical, and tastes great. Your parents make you eat it, yet they don’t want you eating it, Food.

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Sports are fun, active, and work off all the food you have eaten. Now not everybody plays sports, but for those who do here our some reasons I love it. Hope you agree. There our very, Very different sports in the world of today. Some are royalty, and some are just pesky. Now you might be thinking about National or Major League sports, but there is one thing that comes to mind when I here major league…MLG. MLG is Major League Gaming, and that brings up the argument that some parents hate. Is that you can make a living form playing video games.

Do you play sports or play video games?


Last bud not least comes family. Family is a thing that most everybody comes from and grows up with. Even with out a family there is always someone there who loves you. Inside family’s there are usually family choices. Like religion, rules, and so on. Family is where you came from or where you grew up with. It is genetic but also not genetic, because love has a lot more forms then just genetics’s, and family.